(Please note that some of the talk announcements link to presentation slides or papers.)

Thursday, 15 December
09:55 Welcome
10:00 Ulrike Hahn — Rational argument – A Bayesian Perspective
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Richard Moot and Christian Retore — Second order lambda calculus for meaning assembly: on the logical syntax of plurals
12:15 Marion Haemmerli — A formal account of space considered from different points of view
13:00 lunch break
14:30 Bartosz Wieckowski — Subatomic Denial
15:15 Alain Lecomte — Natural Reasoning as a Dialogical Activity
16:00 tea break
16:30 Robin Cooper and Ellen Breitholtz — Enthymematic Resources and Associative Reasoning in Dialogue
20:00 Conference dinner in Klein Tilburg
Friday, 16 December
10:00 Nissim Francez — A Proof-theoretic Reconstruction of Generalized Quantifiers
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Norbert E. Fuchs — Reasoning in Attempto Controlled English
12:15 Marcos Cramer — Higher-Order Dynamic Predicate Logic
13:00 lunch break
14:30 Bert Baumgaertner — Predicates and their Interpretations in Natural Reasoning
15:15 Ian Pratt-Hartmann — Some natural extensions of the classical syllogistic