This conference was held on 15 and 16 December 2011. We will leave the pages up. The program page now links to some of the speakers’ presentations or papers. The original call for papers follows below.

Call for Papers

Logic was originally meant to systematize and analyze arguments in natural language.  But in the 20th century the main developments in logic focused on mathematics and its foundations. Recently, a number of researchers have focused on logical systems tuned to natural language semantics to reconnect with the older tradition. The logical and conceptual underpinnings of some of these systems remains unclear, although some recent work has begun to address formal foundations.

The aim of this conference is to contribute to this direction in semantics and to discuss logics, especially proof systems, well-suited for natural language semantics and to explore comparisons between these systems. We also welcome input from the psychology of reasoning and are interested in computer implementations of natural reasoning systems.

Topics of interest include:

  • fragments of first-order logic which are powerful enough to represent interesting linguistic phenomena and yet small enough to be computationally feasible;
  • extended syllogistic logics;
  • logics and algorithms for use in textual entailment;
  • natural logic and computational semantics;
  • proof theoretic semantics;
  • reasoning as model search;
  • natural reasoning and model checking;
  • natural logic and the psychology of reasoning;
  • formalizations of inference tasks centered on linguistic expressions;
  • applications of natural logic;
  • formal models of reasoning in specific domains (“team” reasoning, models of reasoning in games).

We solicit talks on relevant topics. There will also be poster sessions, preceded by plenary ‘flash’ presentations of posters.

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